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Rhino Whisky was born under a setting African sun as two friends sat, whisky in hand around a campfire, debating the Rhino Poaching crisis and the possible future extinction of the species if something didn't change.  At the crackle of that campfire, an idea sparked for them to create a whisky that would highlight the plight of the African Rhino and give back to rhino conservation in Africa. 

They made a commitment to pledge 20% of profits to the rehabilitation of baby rhino, orphaned due to their mothers being killed for their horns.


GeRRit WageNeR

A whisky purist at heart, Gerrit has a passion for quality whisky and has been involved in the spirits industry for several years, honing his knowledge, palate and appreciation for a superior product.

Growing up in Africa, Gerrit’s love of the Bushveld, its vast open plains and majestic animals was ingrained at an early age.   After a corporate career in financial services,  Rhino Whisky has given him the opportunity to connect with his early roots and give back to Africa.

When not attending a whisky tasting in Scotland,  Gerrit can be found immersed in a quiet stream, fly-rod in hand chasing an elusive trout.


BRIN kushNeR

With a passion for Africa and the conservation of its animals, Brin started his career as a wildlife filmmaker in South Africa.  

A FGASA (Field Guides Association of South Africa) qualified Ranger/Nature guide, Brin still actively works in the film industry, but divides his time behind the camera working with actors and escaping to the Bush to photograph wildlife and immerse himself in conservation projects. 

If not fly fishing, surfing or teaching his young children how to track animals through the African Bushveld, Brin can be found staring into the flames of a campfire sipping on

Rhino Whisky.

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